Here you can find NO COPYRIGHT MUSIC – background music for video and more.

  1. No Copyrights: All music tracks do not have copyright. This means that you will never have problems with copyright.
  2. You can use my music for: advertisement, TV/Radio commercial, YouTube, Vimeo, Home Video, Wedding Video, Student Film, Slideshow, Blog, Websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networks and more.
  3. Unlimited Use: You can unlimited use music for any purpose.
  4. Unlimited Creation: You can create an unlimited number of videos on YouTube and other sites.
  5. Monetization: You can monetize your videos on YouTube and on other sites. This means that you can earn income from your videos on YouTube and other sites.
  6. Commercial: You can use music tracks for commercial purposes.
  7. No need to buy licenses: You do not need to buy licenses every time you upload new videos on YouTube and other sites

BUY 001-1 – Inspirational Epic (NCM)

BUY 002-1 – Summer Positive (NCM)

BUY 003-1 – Ambient (NCM)

BUY 004-1 – Happy (NCM)

BUY 005-1 – Cinematic Epic (NCM)

BUY 006-1 – Tropical Dance (NCM)

BUY 007-1 – Piano and Strings (NCM)

BUY 008-1 – Happy Corporate (NCM)

BUY 009-1 – Trailer (NCM)

BUY 010-1 – Positive (NCM)

BUY 011-1 – Cinemtic Ambient (NCM)

BUY 012-1 – Upbeat (NCM)

BUY 013-1 – Dramatic Epic (NCM)

BUY 014-1 – Fun (NCM)

BUY 015-1 – Ambient Space (NCM)

BUY 016-1 – Cheerful (NCM)

BUY 017-1 – Epic (NCM)

BUY 018-1 – Inspiring (NCM)

BUY 019-1 – Piano (NCM)

BUY 020-1 – Rock (NCM)