Where To Sell Your Music

There have been loads of websites that give bands the chance to sell     their   music online. Watch out for Terms as well as Conditions and costs!

  1. CDbaby is one of the most famous Websites for selling your music.
  2. Emubands a digital sharing service that permits unsigned bands as well as artists to sell their music by means of main online stores for example, HMV Digital, Virgin Digital, iTunes, Napster, Tunetribe.
  3. INgrooves Digital sharing of music. Global sharing service, access to over 400+ online as well as mobile partnerships all throughout the world.
  4. IODA Free online sharing alliance. Inclusive services for record labels, physical distributors, artists, as well as filmmakers.
  5. ONErpm A world wide digital music sharing service as well as a direct-to-fan social commerce solution for musicians as well as record labels. Sell Your Music on Facebook. Distribute to iTunes.
  6. Overplay is a music Website devoted to the promotion as well as revelation of unsigned bands. It is a complete blown Website that provides a good opportunity to sell your music online, as well as yes there is a growing music community.
  7. Spotmeup Simple Spotify sharing. Free way of adding your own music on Spotify.
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