Where people get inspiration

Love or broken heart: the songs on the broken heart had become the cliché but they are also the most popular ones. Many people relate to the feeling of the aloneness and lostness. People also became related to the love songs since they are able to express stronger feelings and people like to hang on them and they can remind the people about their past experience. People who get the idea about something, they may record it and afterwards, they may end up becoming the songs afterwards. The songs may be the results of the newspaper headlines, friends and words, plays or from everyday phrases.
People who plays guitar or piano, they can sit and make the chord progression on their guitar or keyboard. While playing, people can get the lyric idea or they may get the general theme of the song. People can also get the idea when they collaborate with their friends who may be more creative than them. When people work together, they may end up with the ideas that one person is not able to come up with alone. The friends may bring together new ideas and it can lead to the constructive criticism. They may end up with the songs which may end up fitting the best than what one person can do.

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