Steve Hackett

 Steve Hackett, being a British musician (songwriter, singer, however above all else an outstanding guitarist) who most people will be familiar with as the guitar player of a few of Genesis perfect releases and as a prolific solo artist through a few twenty four albums or more under his name. He moreover has worked together with numerous other people, comprising (Ayreon, John Wetton, Steven Wilson, simply to name a few) as well as obviously is quicker than the speed of light, in replying. I am starting to doubt he could be doing all those things, during “wolflight” that coincidentally occurs to be his latest solo album’s title.


Hello Steve as well as congratulations on “Wolflight”, one of the most completed solo albums of yours up to now provided I perhaps say so…   S: Thank you, appreciated, I had a grand time creating it as well as I am very pleased with it.    You have got an attractive twenty four solo albums to your name apart from your “output” of albums with Genesi, GTR as well as many other collaborations, have you ever slept or put the guitar, down?   S: I do indeed, nevertheless one has got to channel their motivation into something creative as well as music is my passion hence I make music.

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