Electroencephalophone: the music world is getting some good things!

When I was searching for some futuristic musical instruments, guess what I got? This electroencephalophone! At first, the picture of a lady underwater trying to listen to her iPod just surprised me for a moment. My hunger to know more about where our future heads to in terms of music dragged me to this musical instrument.
Electroencephalophone uses the latest technology to generate sound from brain waves. However, its origin has a relation with the medical world. The tool, also used for diagnosis, measures the brainwaves the same way as EEG does and is used for diagnosis. In fact, it was invented by mathematical physicist Dr. R. Furth and physiologist Dr. E. A. Bevers in early 1940s.
The instrument is capable of creating sound from beyond the world of matter, i.e. “5th Classical element. Now, let us welcome the change in music making using an electroencephalophone.
Well, there is another instrument that needs an obvious mention when talking about futuristic musical tools. It’s the Tenori-On, whose 16 x 16 grid LED lights makes some beautiful music by responding to your touch and real-time looped programming. The news is Peter Gabriel has already become a fan of Tenori-On.
Do you want a hands-on experience of it? You can try out “ToneMatrix” an Audio tool powered simulation online by Andre Michelle. So, we can expect good musical things coming ahead, what say?

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